Derivative Technical Analysis Program (D.T.A.P.)

If you are looking to diversify your investments, but still want to be the manager of your own account? This Derivative Technical Analysis Program offered by Van Ahn and Company, Inc., is designed to do just that. This program utilizes technical analysis in conjunction with our four-pillar approach to provide actionable trading ideas for you.

The key to this program is the actionable reward to risk that we identify for you to manage. You will see first-hand analysis of an approach that is straight forward with emphasis on managing risk vs. potential reward situations within the futures market landscape, while still allowing you to control the management of your account.

Other features include:

  • Technical Analysis Quicksheet: Contract references and notified trade recommendations
  • Education through analysis
  • Weekly review/outlook video
  • Chart Special: a chart that is creating something special and we want to create awareness
  • Access to our website and phone app
  • Reduced commissions

The cost of the program is $240 per year (only $20 per month).

Derivative Speculation Management (D.S.M.)

Are you interested in speculating futures or options on futures, but do not have the time or resources to manage a spec account? Let the speculative team at Van Ahn and Company, Inc., manage a discretionary trading account for you. The speculative team uses a proprietary technical analysis approach to analyze core markets to find setups that align with their risk/reward parameters. This discretionary account allows the speculative team to manage your account funds as it fits into their proprietary technical analysis models.

Vision: To create a successful trading program rooted in our proprietary trading philosophy. With a primary goal of process and consistency.

Other Features include:

  • Semi-annual meetings/recordings (one of which is a yearend summary)
  • Reduced commissions
  • Monthly statements
  • Access to our website and phone app
  • Cost average fills

The discretionary trading account will be managed as if there is $20,000 of working capital in your account.